Death Of Office…NOT!

March 5, 2021

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By, Dave Greaney, CEO & Founder of Synergy


As Mark Twain remarked upon reading his obituary in the press – “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”  While there is no question that the global pandemic has adversely affected office buildings, tenants and landlords, we are still alive and kicking! The need for a communal physical space where collaboration, competition and culture can thrive will always be in demand. Those companies who embrace and celebrate the need for human interaction will ultimately outperform those who seek to conduct their business remotely.


The last twelve months have shown us that certain tasks and roles can be performed outside of the office environment. However, when I sit and talk to the various leaders of the 500 plus companies and organizations who occupy our office buildings in the Greater Boston area, there is universal acknowledgement that productivity over the long-term declines in a non-office environment.


Countless articles have been written about the hollowing effect of the pandemic on company culture. Culture cannot be built on a foundation of Zoom calls, remote meetings and colorful avatars. A company’s culture evolves from leadership’s ability to impart the priorities and philosophy of the company through meaningful interpersonal relationships. However, I believe the most compelling reason why office is coming back faster than many people think is competition, both internal and external.


People need people in order to excel, to push and be pushed, to inspire and be inspired, to promote and achieve excellence. Fierce competition is the cornerstone of  our economy and you can not effectively compete if you are not even in the stadium.


As an office landlord, I am clearly motivated to bang the drum of office repopulation but I am also an immigrant from Ireland who came to this country 25 years ago because I believed and still believe that U.S. cities are the most exciting, dynamic, energizing, fun, interesting, challenging and enduring places to live work and play. I look forward to welcoming you back!


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