Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Small Office Spaces

May 19, 2022

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Is your business growing or are you feeling cramped in a small office? If you are looking to make the most out of your current space, consider improving your existing layout, décor and apply some organization strategies to help maximize your space and make it a productive, stimulating environment. 

Small office space can be a barrier in multiple ways for entrepreneurs, startup companies and small business owners. We can show you some tips and tricks to expand the space you have and make the most of tight workspaces!

You would be surprised how a change in office décor or simplifying an office design or layout can improve your work environment and atmosphere.

Follow the suggestions below- and it may just help get your creative juices flowing. 


Before you jump into organization ideas and décor changes, declutter, clean up and clear out the excess. This is the most important starting point. Go thru old files, supplies and boxes. Do you really need 10 tape dispensers for a team of 5? Can your files be scanned and stored electronically?

Focus on what you really need to perform your job and what can be retired or repurposed. This can be a fun team building activity with a focus on improving the workspace and environment.

Once you complete this step you will have a better idea of the space you have and what you need to make room for during the organization and planning process. 

Drive Toward a Paperless Environment

Can your files be scanned and stored electronically? Push for scanning and storing paper copies in a digital format. Developing a form of digital storage for most of your documents will free up valuable space. Other ideas to decrease paper clutter and usage are: 

  • Think before you print, can you share the same information electronically?
  • Focus on electronic communication and meeting presentations.
  • Switch to digital forms, surveys, customer feedback and communication options.
  • If you must have a printed copy, use both sides of the paper.

Utilize Common Areas

Change your thinking about the physical office environment. Small individual offices should not be a constricting factor. Think about the entire facility as common space for all. You can change the design layout and décor for each space to maximize the square footage. 

Think outside the box. Do you have an underutilized conference room or reception area?

Depending on the field you are in, designing an open work concept can assist with building a more collaborative team environment

Consider shared desks and tables that can be arranged in many ways to maximize space. Creating unique nooks for phone calls or 1:1 conversation in large corridors or other areas can provide a refreshing change of scenery.

Shared Office Space

The concept of one person to one office is no longer the norm, especially in startups and small business environments. You can maximize office space by creating shared offices. There are many design ideas to ensure privacy and a steady stream of productivity. Some ideas include: 

  • Facing desks towards the windows or wall to minimize distractions.
  • Creating functional wall barriers or unique cubicles that can be designed with a personal touch. The wall partition can be used as a corkboard wall, dry erase board or communication spot.

No matter how you choose to design a shared layout, getting the opinions and ideas from the team members that will be sharing the space can be helpful in improving collaboration and buy-in. Shared offices will help maximize space before expansion is necessary.

Move Up Not Out

Wall space is typically underutilized in offices. There are a variety of options to expand your current space if you think about expanding vertically. Utilize vertical shelving, wall organizers, and apply your own individual décor design ideas to make the space functional and unique. 

Space Saving Office Furniture

Task desks and cross-functional workstations are replacing the traditional large bulky wooden furniture once used to display stature and prominence. Consider smaller corner desks, expandable tables, and chairs to maximize space. 

Brighten up the Space

There are plenty of hacks to create illusions of larger spaces. Some ideas include:

  • Placing mirrors around the office. Reflective surfaces on the walls instantly open a space and make it feel larger.
  • Color is an important choice. Painting the walls in a neutral or light color will give the illusion of a larger space.
  • Furniture designed with exposed legs that allow for visually seeing underneath opens the space and makes it appear larger and less cluttered.
  • Lighting is another important factor. The more exposure to natural light the better. If your office has windows, uncover them, and let the light in naturally. If you do not have the benefits of utilizing natural light, strategically place LED lamps and lights around office furniture to create a brighter space. 


There are a variety of office organization, design ideas and décor changes you can make before determining the space may be too small. 


If you are feeling cramped in your small office space, start with some of the suggestions offered in this article. There are many strategies you can try to make a tight space feel purposeful and functional for the entire team.


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