Top 5 Benefits of Leasing a Short Term Office Space

April 6, 2021

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For businesses of a variety of sizes, it is often difficult to find the perfect working environment that meets all of your needs. So many things need to fall into place, which often means that permanent, long-term office space leases are not always the best option. However in many cases working from home is not the ideal solution either – particularly for those who want to help their employees clearly separate their work and home lives. 

If you are having trouble finding the perfect workplace for your business, you might want to consider temporary office space rental opportunities such as Synergy Office Solutions – with five defined benefits listed below.

Safety benefits 

Unlike other coworking rental options in Boston, SOS gives you total control over your office environment. This allows you to maintain productivity while at the same time reducing anxiety and reassuring your team that they are truly safe to return to the office. You can read more about Synergy’s extensive safety measures in our article on the subject.



Synergy Office Solutions addresses the uncertainties in today’s business environment and helps bridge the short term rental needs that companies have, allowing our users to maintain a fully functional office in Boston while pausing on any longer term major real estate decisions. 

Flexibility continues to be important for companies during these unprecedented challenges to the business environment, where in some instances, it is not possible to commit long term. Our flexible lease terms help navigate through this uncertainty.


Cost benefits of short-term office rentals

No matter how successfully a business is performing, using short-term office spaces is a money-saving option.  By renting furnished space, you avoid incurring the start-up costs that come along with equipping an office with Wifi access, chairs, desks, tables, safety equipment, and more.

Short-term leasing allows you to reallocate capital elsewhere as you grow your business.


Lower maintenance costs

When you rent a short-term office space for your Boston business via Synergy Office Solutions, you will not be responsible for the maintenance of the building or your leased space. The landlord will handle all repairs and maintenance and keep the premises and building clean, operational, and safe for your employees and visitors.


Easier business expansion 

Since short-term office spaces are temporary and inherently more flexible, there are fewer hurdles as your business and office space needs change. Business expansion is complicated enough and growing your business without having to worry about subleasing or trying to terminate your lease will be one less hindrance to continued future success. 

Ready to begin your search for a short-term office leasing in Boston? Check out our properties or contact us today.