Why Flexible Offices?

December 21, 2021

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In the ever-changing world of business, workspace requirements can change frequently. While a conventional office lease typically lasts for 10-15 years, a flexible office enables a business to take a workspace in the location of their choice for as little as 30 days – with the flexibility to expand and contract at short notice.

The term ‘flexible office’ describes a workspace which gives the tenant flexibility in location, size, term, as well as additional services.

Types of flexible offices include:

Coworking spaces

Virtual offices

Executive suites

sublets and workshop units

Managed workspaces

The benefits of flexible offices are many!

Provide nearly endless options of location

Mean you only pay for what is needed

Offer All-inclusive cost options which allow for ease of budgeting

Offer lease teams for as little as one month

Give the option to Move in on the day you sign the contract

Provide Flexibility to expand as business needs change

Often mean No long-term IT, telephone, or broadband contracts

Offer Pay-as-you-go services on demand

Choose where you want to be

Whether it’s proximity to transport routes or to key clients or having an address in a neighborhood that’s well respected in your industry, location is crucial when searching for the right workspace for your business.

Flexible offices can be found in most neighborhoods in Boston, giving you a vast range of possibilities.

Everything you need to run your business is included

The ability to lease a fully furnished, pre-cabled workspace with a staffed reception makes a flexible office space the simple choice for your company.

What’s more, you only pay for what you need – whether 10 desks in a private executive suite, five days a week, one desk in a shared coworking space part time, or access to a meeting room when you need one.

A single monthly bill = easy budgeting

All the elements of a flexible office – rent rates, furnishings, reception and IT support, building maintenance and cleaning services – are included in one fixed monthly price.

This saves the hassle and cost of purchasing and managing these services independently, and also means the avoidance of unexpected out-of-contract costs. 

A turnkey solution

As a flexible office includes everything you need for your business, they’re ready for immediate occupancy – meaning move-in day and contract-signing day can be one and the same. 

Give your business the flexibility to change and grow

With contracts available on a month-to-month basis, your company won’t be tied down to a long term contract. Flexible offices give you the opportunity to expand, reduce, or even vacate your workspace – with as little as one month’s notice – to meet your changing business requirements.

How can Synergy SOS help you?

Every month Synergy Office Solutions helps Boston businesses find their ideal workspace. As specialists in flexible offices, we know the market and how to navigate its range of options and providers to find your business the perfect space quickly and efficiently.

Whether you need guidance through the process step-by-step, or you’re an expert who needs us to grasp complex requirements and deliver innovative solutions, our specialists go further to help. 

Start your search for an office in Boston now – or get in touch.