Why SOS is a Safe Option for Office Leasing

May 12, 2021

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Unlike other coworking rental options in Boston, SOS gives you total control over your office environment, allowing you to maintain production while reducing anxiety and reassuring your team that it is safe to
return to the office.

As we all know, today more than ever it is incredibly important that employees feel safe in their office
environment. But how can we assure that safety?

We have taken a variety of steps to ensure that every office we have is a safe place to work in Boston.
Here are just a few of the measures we have implemented.


We are happy to maintain an aggressive Preventative Maintenance Program that meets or exceeds all
ASHRAE and CDC requirements. All air handling equipment filters are inspected quarterly and changed
as needed, with all coils and pans kept clean and well drained. Domestic water systems are kept
operational and flushed as part of these routine building inspections.

Air Filters

MERV 11 air filters are on all of our handlers, as well as some interior recycling units. This represents the
highest level of filtration available that doesn’t compromise equipment performance.

Air Changes

Synergy Building air changes are maintained between 6 to 8 times per hour. This is approximately double the industry norm for office spaces.

Dedicated Building Engineers

Our buildings are staffed with dedicated building engineers in order to ensure proper operation of all building systems.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleanings are performed on all common areas and restrooms by certified sanitation vendors.

Contact Tracing and Security

Third party security and dedicated electronic access control systems manage the traffic in and out of all
Synergy SOS buildings. All visitors are documented for contract tracing purposes.

Each one of these steps combines to meet our goal – helping our tenants and their employees return to
the offices safely, as quickly as possible. By doing this we facilitate employees being able to focus on
their core business.

Are you looking for temporary office leasing in the Greater Boston area? Check out our properties or
contact us today.