Your Boston Office – Customized For The Way You Use Your Space Today

February 25, 2021

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Synergy Office Solutions is a simple answer to a complicated office leasing environment. The SOS team has identified key components of what currently makes leasing a new office in Boston intimidating and has come up with solutions to make the process as easy as possible for tenants to feel confident moving into their new workspace.

One way Synergy Office Solutions addresses this is by offering customized furniture options.

Laura Gribbell, Vice President of Synergy Investments’ Leasing team explains below:


What made your team decide to offer custom furniture plans as an option?

Given the changing office environment (i.e. social distancing) and different tenant’s needs, it made the most sense and provides a true ‘plug & play’ option.


What is the “pro” of choosing SOS custom furniture?

The turnaround time. Custom furniture can take weeks from the initial order to delivery and then set up. SOS allows a tenant to customize the layout of their Boson short-term office rental depending on their program – Synergy will set it up, as we have furniture already available.


Why not partner with a third-party office furniture rental company?

In order to make this SOS process as seamless, Synergy has already purchased the furniture and will install it.


Is it cost effective for tenants to use the SOS furniture?

Absolutely. It is a small minimal fee on top on of your monthly rent. We are also able to modify layouts by adding more or less desks depending on employee count.


What is your hope for the tenant experience?

Our ultimate goal is to make the SOS experience as simple as possible for tenants and we believe that providing a customized furniture option is one less headache for a tenant.


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